Buzz Networks Ltd

Providing 3G/4G, VOIP and hosted solutions for business, Maritime and Home networks.

Welcome to Buzz Networks Ltd.

We offer a wide range of telephony and broadband solutions tailored to meet your requirements – whatever they may be!

In business you need telephony and connectivity that is cost effective, reliable, flexible and scalable meeting the way you do business. Whether you are at home, on your boat, in your caravan or on your farm our solutions are just as effective to keep you connected.

Communications needs have changed dramatically over recent years, Buzz Networks have been at the leading edge of technologies to meet those needs. We’ve been doing this since 1995 for thousands of businesses.

At Buzz Networks were all about enabling businesses and individuals to communicate easier, faster, smarter and more cost-effectively, so we know that we can help you take full advantage of the latest flexible ways of using your phones, broadband and save you money.

At the core of the business are our 3G/4G devices and intelligent network switches, using the very latest carrier technologies. These 21st century technologies will revolutionise how you communicate with seamless, cost effective, go-anywhere, be-anywhere communications. 

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